Ohio casino issue 3 poll results

Ohio casino issue 3 poll results best online casinos free casino signup

If they do collect the signatures, HB will not go into effect until the state's voters have a chance to vote on it in November

Authorize the casinos to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the discretion of the casino operator and require that the casino facilities shall be subject to all state and local laws and provisions related to health and building codes, but that no local zoning, land use laws, subdivision regulations or similar provisions shall prohibit the development or operation of the casinos at the designated sites. The Zanesville Times Recorder was opposed, saying, "The only way to keep the house from winning your money is not to play. The top donors to the "Yes on 3" committee were: Shall the proposed amendment be approved? Below are some of TruthPAC 's arguments against the casino measure: Distribute the revenues as follows:

Election results via: Ohio Secretary of State The official ballot argument in support of Issue 3 was signed by J. Gregg Haught, David L.‎Text of measure · ‎Support · ‎Opposition. Ohio voters hit hard by the economic downturn vote 'yes' to casinos tied to With 99 percent of precincts reporting unofficial results, Issue 3. A new poll shows that Ohioans favor legalizing casino gambling in the state November ballot issue allowing casinos in Ohio's four largest cities.

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